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Project the success rate of your favorite NHL prospects with our projection tool

Projections are determined by comparing a players statistical performance in their draft year to current and past NHL players.

We use Rob Vollman's NHL Equivelencies to standardise point production (per game) for players across all junior drafts

Additional projection criteria will be available in the future

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Compare prospects to NHL players of your choice to see how they measure up

Compareison tools will display scoring data for all seasons available by all players across all drafts on file.

All production is standardised through NHLE conversions to account for differences in league scoring and era.

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What is this?

The Projection Project is a series of tools created by two amature hockey fanatics.

We created the Projection Project to help provide a better understanding of NHL player production and prospect development.

The tools on this site are not meant to be a replacement for traditional scouting, but an additional resource for better predicting a prospects possible development outcomes

This site is very much still in beta so please bear with us.

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Want to Help?

We are currently looking for help developing junior league data scrapers. The current database is only using information available gained from other sources which are presently a year behind.

If you have access to an ongoing scoring database's for any hockey drafts(Primarily CHL, NCAA, and USHL) and don't mind sharing, Let us know!

Contact Lochlin via email at Lochlin(dot)broatch(at)gmail(dot)com or on twitter at (at)TheLocker

All contributions will be thoroughly documented, referenced, and praised!