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Why We Made this Site

This site was developed to provide hockey fans and scouts with additional tools for projecting prospect development.

The tools here aren’t meant to replace traditional scouting but provide reasonable expectations based on a players statistical production.

My interest in using statistical production to project a prospects chances of success started off a basic theory: the natural talents (hockey IQ, skating, passing, shooting, etc) that are required to be an NHL player (of any caliber) are enough to allow a player to be significant scorer at the junior level.

Recent work by other statisticians in the field (the Sham Sharron experiment) has supported the theory that at the end of the day, point-per-game scoring at the junior ranks can be a significant predictor of NHL success.

We at the projection project are interested in helping fans and statisticians alike breakdown these numbers and provide a simple reference for their pet-prospects and draft lists.

If you have any questions regarding the website feel free to follow us and drop us a line on twitter at . We are open to all suggestions regarding site improvements, methodology, and additional applications.

This site is a work in progress and we will continue updating it regularly.

Thank you,

Lochlin Broatch, on behalf of The Projection Project

Thank you's

The Projection Project was started by two individuals who are not statisticians. For this we'd like to thank the following members of the hockey analytic's community for doing the heavy lifting and research that programs like The Projection Project are built upon.

Gabe Desjardins-For creating NHLE's and the launching of behindthenet

Robert Vollman- Creating the NHLE coefficients which the Projection Project uses to normalize player scoring.

Rhys Jessop- For their work on the "Sham Sharron Method" baseline tests and writing at canucksarmy.com

Josh Weissbock- For their work on the "Sham Sharron Method" baseline tests and development of chlstats.com

Garret Hohl-For their explanations and real-life examples of analytical usage and work on jetsnation.com and hockeygraphs.com

Benjamin Wendorf-For continuing work on Hockey Graphs and analytic's.

MoneyPuck_-For identifying the correlation of height, scoring, and success./