What to Project When You’re Expecting: Winnipeg Jets Pipeline

Welcome to the first edition of “What to Project When You’re Expecting”, a new¬†feature where we breakdown the top 20 prospects in an organization, and determine how many successful NHL players at different levels a team can expect to pull from that pipeline.

This is not meant to be a crystal ball or an actual prognostication of the future of your franchise, this is merely done to determine what a “reasonable” expectation could be in terms of how much talent a teams pipeline could produce.

Since we’ll be doing this for a number of articles, here’s a brief breakdown of our methodology:Skip To Article

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Top 20 Prospects: Winnipeg Jets 2011-2015

Over the course of the summer we’ll be working on two large initiatives: Top 20 Prospects for all teams, as well as What to Expect When Your Expecting.

The first will simply be a collection of top 20 prospects in a teams pipeline, while the second will provide a total breakdown of what a team can realistically expect (numbers wise) as a production of their prospect pipeline.

Welcome to the First Top 20 Prospects: The Winnipeg Jets.

Over the last few weeks the Winnipeg Jets (among other teams) wrapped up their annual summer development camp and the 2015 draft, making it a perfect time to review what’s in the pipeline for the Winnipeg jets.

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The Ones to Watch: The Undrafted Class of 2015

With the 2015 NHL entry draft all wrapped up we’re gearing up for a couple of busy weeks of articles and breakdowns.

We’re also working on a major update that will fix some of the issues we have and give us completely updated numbers.¬†Once we’ve updated, we’ll be giving you a complete breakdown and ranking of the 2015 NHL entry draft and how your favorite teams did.

In the meantime, we decided to take a look at some of our favorite players that did not hear their name called on draft day.

As Dev Camps open and teams look towards training camps in September, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top players left untouched at the entry draft that could provide some very valuable “free” talent to NHL teams looking to improve their prospect depth.

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